3 Ways To Wear The Long Black Maxi Skirt Trend That’s Taking Over

3 Ways To Wear The Long Black Maxi Skirt Trend That’s Taking Over

Why We’re Seeing the Black Maxi Everywhere

Lately, the classic black maxi skirt from the 90s has been given a Gen Z makeover—and if you know anything about Gen Z, you know they don’t do things by halves. 

This oh-so-dependable fashion staple exploded onto our smart screens in outfit videos, clothing hauls, and what’s in my closet-style reels earlier this year. Since then, ensembles featuring black maxis have flooded our feeds. From Pinterest-worthy pin-ups to Instagram OOTDs, the black maxi skirt made its mark. 

And the outfit ideas? They were nothing short of inspired.

The rest, as they say, is history. 

Why We Love The Classic Black Maxi

The answer is simple; it’s a classic. But what does that mean, really?

We all love a black maxi skirt simply because it is subtle, distinct, and yet oh-so versatile. You can make it the centrepiece of an outfit or the supporting character. It can dress up a basic top or tone down a dressy ensemble. It can be as fresh or as flashy as you need it to be. 

And, as you’ll see in a minute, it works with virtually any shoe and accessory. 

Look #1: With Flats

Practical and sturdy, flats are the go-to shoe for those long, active days when you know you’ll be on your feet for hours. Those days call for simple and sensible; button-downs, basic tees, and tank tops for a sporty look.

Pair those tops with comfortable black maxi skirts that provide plenty of movement–like MARY: a long, semi-flowy knit maxi cut from breathable, slightly stretchy material. 

If you want to dress up your look a little - take it from desk to dinner - then you could opt for a skirt with attractive, eye-catching details in the design. JAIDA is a good example. This wide-cut, lightly loose maxi has a whole side slit at the front side adorned with delicate silver rings. It creates a distinct visual without altering the classic maxi skirt silhouette.

Look #2: With Heels

You can’t get any more classic than a flowing black maxi skirt with daring heels or patented pumps. For those semi or business-formal moments, your maxi can take the spotlight. 

You can create an easy and elegant look by opting for mostly plain tops with one or two distinct details, i.e., an interesting cutout, some fancy beading, or a bold print. Then, pair it with a flowing maxi that shares similar or complementary details (slits, cutouts, jewels, ruching, etc.). 

JACQUI, for instance, is a side-split maxi skirt with a thigh-high slit, textured crepe fabric, and a triangular hardware cutout at the waist. Simple, understated, but different enough to draw the eye.

Or pair a bold blouse and some wraparound heels with a simple black maxi with interesting texture or print for some balanced, tasteful glam. CERI is a sleek polyester skirt with a simple twisted front waistline panel. Soft and easy on the eyes, it gives the perfect silhouette to let other pieces in the ensemble shine. 

Look #3: With Boots

Boots constantly teeter the line between practical and purely aesthetic, and true fashionistas are the rare few who can pull off either look with confidence. 

A long skirt and boots are a tricky combo, so it’s best to use contrasting textures and silhouettes to achieve balanced visuals. 

If your skirt’s got a bit of shine to it - like the HAVVA, a black maxi with diamante trim - let the design stand out. Go for slightly slouchy boots and a tasteful cropped top. 

If your boots are knee-high, you want a maxi that shows it off. Something daring and forward, with thigh-high slits, would be a sure winner. Imagine your favourite knee-high suede boots with NICOLE–a black maxi skirt with a subtle but gorgeous hook-and-eye foldover detail at the waistline. 

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