5 Tips For Looking Stylish While Lounging In Athleisure Wear

5 Tips For Looking Stylish While Lounging In Athleisure Wear

We live in an era where buzzworthy fashion trends are so fleeting that they only enjoy a moment—but not with athleisure wear. Who would have thought that a garment once only worn by athletes and gym lovers could change how people dress on a daily basis?

Thanks to the creative juices of designers who realized that being athletic should not be exclusive, it can also be fashionable and versatile enough to be worn to brunch, grocery, or the office.

While we all know athleisure pieces are some of the most reliable and stylish pieces of clothing to wear when you are in action, they are also some of the comfiest and snuggliest to wear on a lazy or relaxed weekend.

To help you nail a laidback athleisure outfit, here are 5 tips for looking stylish while lounging in your go-to off-duty looks.


1. Yes, sneakers can elevate your fresh and cozy OOTD.

Sneakers are the cream on top (or should we say bottom) of the perfect lounging ensemble, especially if you are spending a day nestled between street style cool or shore-side chill. They make an eye-catching accessory and are a comfortable go-to when on-the-go running errands. Go for a cool grey, cream, or white tone for easy mixing and matching.

ELISE V Back Cami Crop Top in Yellow
Carly Bike Shorts in Yellow

2. Black and white are timeless classics.

When it comes to activewear, we always love the classics—like the minimalist black or white co-ord set you end up throwing in for every time you are too lazy to mix and match your wardrobe numbers. Simple colours have a knack for looking effortless, making it easier to flaunt an “I just threw these on!” look.


NYX Cross Back Seamless Crop in Black
LEIA Seamless Leggings in Black

3. Mix a baggy item with a body-tight element.

Think of tight-fitting bike shorts and an oversized shirt or sweater or loose-fitting pants and a cami crop top. Mixing body-tight elements with baggy items in athleisure ensembles keeps things interesting. Baggy clothes add a relaxed and comfortable element, while their tight-fitting counterpart gives a sleek, streamlined silhouette to elevate your casual lounging look.


SUTTON Embossed Fleeceback Crewneck in Lime Green pair with the DANICA Seamless Shorts in Charcoal

ELISE V Back Cami Crop Top in Candy Pink pair with the AMARA Parachute Pants in Baby Pink

4. Clean cuts and simple silhouettes can go a long way.

Clean cuts make a sleek and polished look so you can feel confident without being self-conscious. Plus, it ensures nothing accidentally slips out while you’re lounging comfortably at home or by the pool. Think of a halter sports bra or top; they are not only flattering but also create a balancing illusion on the body.

KENIA Ribbed Halter Sports Bra in Mocha
QUINN Halter Longline Top in Black

5. Go for neutral-toned pieces, then add a pop of colour.

When it comes to athleisure, colour is the key to giving your outfit a not-your-regular-activewear twist, even while you’re only lounging. First, build the foundation of your outfit with neutral-toned pieces like beige, tan, or mahogany, then add a surprise element by accessorizing or layering it with bold colours or prints. It can be a gold chain necklace, a printed cover-up, or a neon-colored hoodie—this is the part where you add your unique personality.

BECCA Two Tone Cropped Sports Bra in Mahogany/Tan
TALEAH Two Tone Shorts in Mahogany/Tan

No matter your off-duty style vibe, we’ve got your perfect fit in our athleisure edit. Shop now.