A Conversation With Influencer Nadia Peri

A Conversation With Influencer Nadia Peri

At the beginning of 2020 I was diagnosed with Leukaemia. Was I okay? The answer is, no. Initially I was in complete shock, and before it could all sink in, the pandemic hit us all. Having an illness, whether it be physical or mental, can be extremely isolating in the best of circumstances. However, my family and friends have been a constant presence during this difficult time. They have supported me in every way possible, organised virtual movie nights and made sure they spent time chatting to me on FaceTime so I felt connected. 

When you are struggling you do not wish to burden anyone or ask for help. Through sharing my diagnosis online, I have realised that this is the case for many people, especially when the struggle is invisible like mental health.

During this time, I have spent many months reflecting and making a conscious effort to choose happiness even on my toughest days. For me these are some of the ways I get value from each day:

  1. Every morning I think of three things that I am grateful for whilst I drink my hot chocolate. 
  2. I try to learn something new; this could be any skill or expanding my knowledge. 
  3. I keep a routine even when I’m unwell to give myself a sense of normality and spend at least 45 minutes exercising. 
  4. I make an effort to stay connected with people.
  5. When I have the energy, I glam up with my hair, makeup and outfit which gives me a confidence boost and allows me to get creative.
  6. I take time to relax, have a bath and pamper myself with my favourite skincare. 
  7. I watch documentaries or TV shows on Netflix.

    This year has been particularly difficult for many people and we all know someone who lives alone. It is easy to be focused on what we think is important and forget about those struggling alone even though our own self care is important.

    Take some time out of your day, every day, and reach out to someone who you think may be struggling. Three words can open up a conversation and have a tremendous impact.

    Written by Influencer Nadia Peri