I’ll have what s/he’s having: MESHKI does unisex clothing now

I’ll have what s/he’s having: MESHKI does unisex clothing now

Why do boys have all the fun? Okay okay, we have most of the fun. But when it comes to leisurewear, they win. In fact, we’ve got a long history of raiding the mens section (and our boyfriends’ wardrobes) in search of their perfectly-cut tees, slouchy joggers and oversized hoodies. Oh, don’t even get us started on the hoodies.

Which brings us to our big, long-time-coming news. You ready? 

MESHKI does unisex clothing now. Yep, MESHKI is for everyone, and now we’ve got the receipts to prove it, with our first ever unisex fashion collection. This one goes out to all the girls who raid their boyfriend’s closet on the daily — and to all the guys that are O.V.E.R I.T.

We’re kicking off with five key unisex fashion styles that blend comfort and steeze. Maximum chill and minimal vibes. His and hers. Seriously, don’t come crying to us if you start fighting over them. 

We’re not playing when we say Max, our unisex sweatshirt, is basically the best sweatshirt of all time. Expect cosy fabric, a slouchy cut, and plenty of room for comfort — yet absolutely no room for drama. Because we all know boyfriend hoodies hit different, we went and made Bay, an oversized unisex hoodie you can share with er, bae. Then there’s Charlie, our cosy unisex joggers. They’re a match made in heaven with the unisex sweatshirt or unisex hoodie….. or long reality TV sessions, up to you. Taylor are our unisex sweat shorts, which are kinda like the summer edition of sweatpants. And being unisex, you know these shorts are going to be the best shape and length. You didn’t think we’d do a unisex fashion line without the perfect boyfriend tee, right? [insert name] is just that: a well-cut basic that suits all shape, sizes and genders (dropping soon!)

All of the pieces are available in 2020’s most iconic (and versatile) neutral shades — think oatmeal, charcoal, black and snow marle. They’re made from an insanely soft, fleece-backed jersey that’s designed for maximum chill. As in, extreme lounging and weather surprises. If you look closely, you’ll see each and every style is stamped with the coordinates of Sydney, Australia, where the MESHKI story began.

We thought it was about time we introduced this collection —  and not just because we’re obsessed with boys’ closets. Unisex clothing is kind of changing the world, too. For starters, it’s better for the environment: loungewear is not a passing trend; it’s a blank canvas that never dates, meaning we don’t have to update it every season (ok, except maybe to top up on the season’s must-have new colours). We can share with our bestie or boyfriend too, so together we’re all buying less clothes. And because it’s for literally everyone, it’s supporting the gender equality and gender neutrality movements, which we are 100% down with. All that, just from looking fly. Who knew?  

Ready to shop his and hers? The crew is waiting. Hurry though, because it won’t last long. Then you can do all the chilling you want, promise.