Power Dressing: How To Look In-Style And In-Charge

Power Dressing: How To Look In-Style And In-Charge

What is ‘power-dressing’?

Most of us have a mental image of power. This masculine entity has been long attributed to men. So when women penetrated corporate and political circles, the stereotypical view of power led to women being seen as lacking the authority to be good leaders and managers.

Luckily, fashion came into the scene, and power dressing saved the day. 

Wardrobe staples like suits and jackets with padded shoulders, often only seen in male clothing, were incorporated into female attire. The more masculine the look is, the better. In fact, at first, power dressing was very restrictive into conservative and male-oriented choices for styling that it seemed to be men’s clothing reworked for women.

Flashy pieces of jewellery were minimised. Oversized and high-neck shirts were used to hide the breasts. Popping colours typical of women’s fashion was replaced with dark, heavy hues. 

Fortunately, not any more.


Beyond Power And Authority… FASHION!


While power dressing initially materialised and emboldened women with the idea that they could dress for authority, today, it has become more imaginative, empowering, and unapologetically feminine.


It is no longer about looking authoritative like men. Now, it’s about looking great and feeling invincible as a woman. It’s like finding self-confidence in an outfit.


Below are some tips to ‘boss up’ your power-dressing game.


1. A blazer is all you need and more.


“A pinnacle of sartorial elegance”, as they call it, blazers are your surefire way of nailing a smart and professional look. It’s easy to style with any ensemble and gives you endless outfit possibilities, whether you are going for a formal or casual event. Plus, if you get it in neutral colours, you can pair it with basically anything from your closet — from tops and shirts to pants and skirts.


Pro tip: A good blazer should fit you like a glove, so it's important to try on several different sizes before buying.



MADISON Oversized Blazer - Black

BEXLEY Oversized Blazer With Shoulder Pads - Ivory


2. Don’t fear colours.


Now that power dressing is no longer about colours that are dark, darker and darkest, you don’t need to be afraid to experiment! A power move to power dressing is choosing colours that best express your personality and making a statement out of it. It’s no longer just about how you appear that is going to make you in charge; it’s also about how you carry yourself! So if you love rich colours and despise the power-dressing colour cliches, then have the authority to choose what you like! It’s the first step to dressing like a power player.


At MESHKI, we have a broad colour option, so we’ve got you covered!



HELDA Fitted Cinched Waist Blazer - Red

MAEVA Satin Blazer - Aquamarine


3. Accessorise strategically.


Choose accessories that complement your outfit. Simple, classic jewellery and a structured handbag can add a touch of sophistication to your look. Sparkly high heels can also help you stand tall and upscale your outfit effortlessly. There’s something about walking in heels that gives you an instant boost of confidence that is unrivalled.



FLEUR Thin Strap High Heel - Black

KAILANI Platform Heels - Gold


4. Nothing says feminine louder than satin and silk fabrics.


Satin and silk fabrics are two of the most luxurious materials that have been associated with femininity and grace for centuries. These fabrics are often associated with high-end fashion, red-carpet events, and so with modern power dressing.




ASPYN Satin Blazer Jacket - Red

ASPYN Satin Pants - Red


In conclusion, power dressing is all about dressing for success, looking great, and feeling confident and empowered. With these tips, you can dress to impress and show the world that you mean business.


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