The ’90s Trends We’re Bringing Back

The ’90s Trends We’re Bringing Back

There was something special about the ’90s. Even if you were too young to really appreciate it, or you weren’t even born yet, it’s common knowledge that the ’90s will go down in the history books as the coolest decade ever. It gave us the best music of all time: Mariah Carey, Aaliyah, Boyz II Men, Destiny’s Child — we could go on all day. The guy always got the girl at the end of the romantic comedy. Love that for him. Makeup was all brown shades and heavy lip liner, long before Kim Kardashian arrived on the scene. And the fashion. Don’t even get us started on the fashion. 
You might not even realise it, but your favourite trends of today? They’re actually major throwbacks to this crazy cool time. Don’t believe us? Let us walk you through some of the hottest trends of the ’90s that the entire world is loving right now — and what you’ll also find in our new ’90s collection. Such a vibe. 


Varsity accents 

If you’ve ever seen, well, any college-themed flick that came out in the ’90s, you’ll know uniforms and varsity-inspired looks were a big deal in the ’90s. Fast forward to 2021, we’re reviving the look with MESHKI varsity-inspired graphics instead. Cosy up in our logo sweatshirts, teamed with denim and loungewear. 

The cami 

From mini dresses to crop tops, the cami reigned supreme. Just ask Naomi Campbell. Or Jennifer Aniston. Or literally anyone else from the ’90s. With thin straps and low scoop necklines, it was all about showing a little skin — and then some. Suddenly, we’re loving the cami all over again with mom jeans, tube socks and white sneakers. Or heels, for something dressier. Bonus points for butterfly accents. 


We’re going to come right out and say it: denim made the ’90s. Seriously, think about it: mom jeans, oversized jackets, overalls, boyfriend shorts and mini skirts. Where would the ’90s be without them? If it was made of denim, we were into it — which is exactly how we feel today. We’ve given the iconic ’90s denim styles an upgrade with ultra flattering, body perfecting cuts. 

Halter tops 

The halter was THE shape of the ’90s. It had a knack for giving every outfit instant cool factor, whether it was a halter crop paired with a strappy silk midi skirt or wide-leg jeans, or a sexy halter midi dress. It’s definitely a trend we’re adding back in our wardrobes. Our pick? The halter low-back figure-hugging dress. So bomb. 


Cassette collection filled with hip hop? Maybe streetwear is more your thing. Brands like Fubu and Champion blew up in the ’90s, and now we’re seeing a major resurgence of comfy sportswear. We’re talking slouchy joggers, sweatshirts and sweat shorts. Yep, just like in the ’90s, comfort is queen.

Cropped…. anything 

When we say anything, we really mean anything. Tank tops, button-ups, t-shirts, jackets — even dress and skirt hemlines — were super cropped back in the day. Working cropped pieces into today’s look is one of the easiest ways to throw it back to the ’90s — and get the most out of your high-waisted wardrobe items while you’re at it. 


And here come the ’90s supermodels. Lace was one of their favourite fabrics, usually paired back with leather, silky numbers and a rockstar casually hooked on their arm. We love to give lace this same sexy treatment, with plunging necklines, mini hemlines and stretchy crepe fabrics. 


Yeah, you won’t find these cardigans in nanna’s wardrobe. Maybe Liv Tyler’s instead? We’re talking figure-hugging knits, ribbed textures, cropped shapes and buttons for… unbuttoning. It’s our ’20s spin on the iconic fluffy cropped knits that Liv made famous, and just like her, we’re wearing ours with a flippy mini skirt. 

Corset tops 
Oh, you thought corset tops were a new thing? Not quite. Corset tops were all over the runways — and then the nightclub dancefloors — in the ’90s. We’ve borrowed this trend for ourselves, because it looks so damn good with high-waisted trousers and denim. Make like Kate Moss by slicking your hair back with a butterfly hair slide, and grabbing a small shoulder bag as you run out the door.