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What Your Star Sign Says About Your Style

What Your Star Sign Says About Your Style

What you should buy from the Hypnotize collection.

Hey girl, what’s your sign? Flashy sag, fiery Leo, independent Aquarius? If you’re a Cancer, we’re guessing you cry in every movie. Or maybe you’re an Capricorn and have zero time — or patience — for Jake’s. 

Just like your sign can say a lot about who you are (and who you date, for that matter) it can also say plenty about the way you dress. Can’t go past a chic black blazer? Sounds like a Taurus to us. Buy the same thing in every colour? Ugh, you’re so Scorpio.

ICYMI, we just launched our brand new, red hot collection, Hypnotize — an edit of sexy, cool pieces inspired by all things astrology. Think retrograde swirl prints on curve-hugging mesh dresses, cute crops that advertise your zodiac sign and elevated, equinox-inspired contrast stitch pieces that you can wear day-to-night. 

It got us thinking: what does your star sign say about your style? And more importantly, what does it suggest you should be adding-to-cart from the Hypnotize range? 

By day, we’ll find you wearing a trendy athleisure look. By night, you change into a sleek and sexy power suit. You’re confident and understated, which probably explains your love of tonal shades.  

The Hypnotize piece you need in your life: Elsie Sleeveless Corset Crop.

You’re all about the 3 Fs: form, function, fashion. You aren’t afraid to drop a little more cash on a great-fitting, classic investment piece (or three). So long as it helps you stand out from the crowd. 

The Hypnotize piece you need in your life: Layla O-Ring Trousers. 

Ah, Gemini. You’re all about taking fashion risk... every day. You choose the boldest patterns and colours to mix and match and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the same thing twice. Yawn. 

The Hypnotize piece you need in your life: Zodiac Crop Top. 

Our Cancer girls are the pretty young things — you’re feminine, elevated and timeless. But you’re no wallflower. You go for sexy silky fabrics, attention-grabbing classics and love a muted blue. 

The Hypnotize piece you need in your life: Dayani Flat Lace-Up Jeans. 

Oh look, Leo just walked in. She’s loyal, headstrong and not afraid of anything — let alone a little print or colour. Leo, you express your mood with fashion and always dress for yourself. Go you. 

The Hypnotize piece you need in your life: Bonnie Mesh Long Sleeve Dress. 

Virgo, you’re the girl who turns heads without trying. Effortlessly cool and never OTT, as if you just woke up like this. Btw, you’ve got killer attention-to-detail. Love that for you. 

The Hypnotize piece you need in your life: Amber Cropped Jacket. 

Libras look pulled together even on their day off, always balancing casual and glam. Then adding a twist. As a lover of all things luxe, you gravitate towards fancy fabrics and edgy accents.  

The Hypnotize piece you need in your life: Lennon Twist Strap Corset Top.  

Your wardrobe is full of go-to outfits, because who likes running late? You have a signature look and when you find something you love, you buy it every colour, and wear it to death. Black is easily your fav colour. 

The Hypnotize piece you need in your life: Lainey Suspender Crop Top.  

Sagittarius types love to have fun and have a wild sense of humour, which translates directly to their wardrobe. Your wardrobe is filled with sequins and colour, cos you live for standing out. 

The Hypnotize piece you need in your life: Henley Mesh Crop Top. 

You girls know how to dress for your body. Capricorns go for pieces that suit their shape and accentuate their assets — think fitted dresses, sharp jackets and chic pants that you can mix-n-match.

The Hypnotize piece you need in your life: Mia Mesh Mini Dress. 

As a free spirit, Aquarius doesn’t have a signature style. You dress however you feel, but usually end up in something creative and vibrant. Or anything that goes with your perf hair and makeup. 

The Hypnotize piece you need in your life: Harper Long Sleeve Top. 

Pisces, you’re chill. So much so, that even your outfits go with the flow. Emotional and easygoing, you love relaxed shapes in pretty shades like blue, green and silver. You’re a real-life mermaid.  
The Hypnotize piece you need in your life: Dayani Flat Lace-Up Top.