Women are all sorts of magic. When a woman has set her sights on something, she will birth it into existence. It's not about the power she has between her legs, it's about the power of her heart, mind & soul. There is nothing she cannot do. Everything desires and craves her touch.
She is the all giving mother, the fierce slaying warrior, the divine feminine, the goddess beyond the clouds.
She is the bringer of love. The queen of what is holy and the giver of peace. She is changing the world.
Welcome to the new Matriarch.

Drop One — Athena

Soft power reigns in this edit inspired by the goddess Athena. Draw gazes in timeless silhouettes in soft satin fabrications, stand in strength in form-fitting halter gowns, and stride effortlessly into the future in playful mini sets with cloud-like hems.
Each piece in this collection has been stitched in tribute to the spirit and grace of mythical celestial beings.

Drop Two— Artemis

Inspired by a goddess renowned for her balance of allure and honour, this collection plays with contradictions. Here seductive cut-out maxi dresses stand poised against relaxed linen midis, minis, and puff sleeves tops.

Drop Three — Eos

Shine with every entrance and embrace the unexpected—the Eos edit celebrates a new dawn with sheer knit dresses, bikinis in radiant bronze hues, and mixed yarn halter mini dresses.

Drop Four — Hera

Designed for days under golden sunsets or evenings beneath a starry night’s sky, Allow your truest self to take flight in ethereal slip maxi dresses, diaphanous satin sets, and gathered gowns worthy of the goddess of love.

Drop Five — Coming Soon

Drop Six — Coming Soon

Embrace your inner divinity in styles that celebrate the divine feminine and transform your story into legend.