Cool Summer: Which One-Piece Or Bikini Are You?

Cool Summer: Which One-Piece Or Bikini Are You?

When it comes to getting dressed, we believe everything you choose to wear should be a true reflection of you — your mood, your style, and your destination. So, when it comes to curating pieces for your next summer getaway, matching your swimwear to your full itinerary can be a serious mind game.

But don’t lose your cool. At MESHKI, we design a broad selection of swimwear to fit almost everyone, everywhere.

Here are the places and spaces we recommend wearing our new range of one-pieces, high-cut crochet sets, and cheeky string bikinis

Which one resonates with your story?

Image of woman in white crochet bikini.


A Classic One-Piece Sailing Away From It All


If daydreams of exclusive yacht parties excite you, our one-piece swimsuits serve as the perfect sartorial companions. 

With contemporary detailing like fiery cutouts, plunging necklines, and 3D designs, our tastefully designed pieces match the nautical grandeur of any big boat voyage. They're elegant and sophisticated, blending well with the radical splendor of the sea, the skies, and the yacht. Try the MARLEY Rose Crochet One Piece or the EMELIA Recycled Contrast One Piece to nail this vibe.


A Crochet Set for Your Next Boho Break


Ever wondered what clouds would feel like when woven into a swimsuit? Wearing crochet swimwear would give you a close experience.

High-cut crochet bikinis, in particular, echo the heart of bohemian soirees —untamed, artsy, and free-spirited. So if you are thinking of beach parties this summer, check out the VALENCIA Rose Contrast Crochet Bikini Bottom with the matching NOREEN Rose Contrast Crochet Bikini Top. If thong-styled bottoms are your air, the NATALIA Contrast Crochet Bikini Bottom can come to your rescue. Pair with the NATALIA Contrast Crochet Bikini Top for an irresistible beach ensemble.


Cheeky Strings for Pool Party Flings


Cheeky string bikinis go handy for private pool parties. They are bold, spontaneous, and laidback, giving off a surprise mirror for your zest for life. When combined with a bright colour, this audacious design becomes a standout piece for your low-key resort adventures. Try on the ANDIE Recycled Nylon Ruched String Side Bikini Brief in pink, turquoise or fresh green variants for the full experience.


Animal Prints for Your Island Stints


Island destinations evoke a certain primordial beauty — lush landscapes, azure waters, and a sense of escape. What could be more fitting to embrace this untamed paradise than the raw charm of animal print bikinis? 

With the ANDIE Ruched String Side Bikini Brief and PEYTON Tie Up Bikini Bottom in Yellow Zebra prints, you are sure to unleash your wild side for your next island escapade.


At MESHKI, wherever you are headed this summer, you are sure to find a piece that perfectly tells your story. Shop our swimwear collection.