Effortless Style: How To Make A Big Impact With Minimal Effort

Effortless Style: How To Make A Big Impact With Minimal Effort

We love taking the time to get ready before a date, event, or drinks with friends. Music playing, hair mask on, trying on different outfits. It’s all part of the fun.

However, sometimes you just need to look put-together in thirty seconds or less. Here’s the fastest way to pull yourself together fast (without looking like it).


Outfit #1: Long Coats + Turtleneck Tops

This combination is the go-to uniform of strong, self-assured business women everywhere. A turtleneck top or dress conveys confidence and allure without the need to show skin. A long coat elongates your body, regardless of your shape or height, creating an elegant and slightly intimidating aura that rarely goes out of style. Finish the look with a messy bun or lightly styled up-do for a fresh and professional vibe.


Outfit #2: Bodysuit + Wide-Legged Pants

The best way to achieve a smooth, seamless tuck that won't budge is to wear a bodysuit. Find your correct size, and you're all set for the next 24 hours. The classic "tight on top, loose on bottom" look never goes out of fashion. Pair a bodysuit with wide-legged pants or straight-cut jeans, then complete the outfit with a pair of heels or espadrilles, depending on your destination. At the very least, you'll look well-balanced.


Outfit #3: Ribbed Knit Midi/Maxi Dress

Dresses are a lazy girl's ultimate weapon. No need to coordinate tops and bottoms— just slip on a dress and go! Ribbed knit dresses are a great one-style-fits-all choice. They're soft, versatile, and can pass for both formal and informal settings. Just accessorise (or accessorise) as needed!


Outfit #4: Cropped Fitted Shirt + Solid-Coloured Maxi Skirt

Solid-coloured maxi skirts are as versatile as sleeveless tops and as reliable as oversized tees. Like sleeveless tops, they work for formal and casual settings. And, just like your favourite oversized tees, they're incredibly comfortable. The lack of a distinct pattern makes them easy to pair with anything, too. In this case, we recommend pairing them with a cropped, fitted shirt for visual balance. If you're going to cover your legs, you might as well show a bit of skin up top.


Outfit #5: Linen Pants + Cashmere Sweater + Statement Jewellery

Fitted items are an excellent way to complement your curves, but relaxed silhouettes can look effortlessly chic, especially when put together correctly. There's no shortage of baggy-on-baggy outfit ideas, but our personal favourite is a combination of linen pants and oversized tops. Accessorise with small but chunky jewellery pieces, and voila! You have achieved minimal elegance.


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