Layering: Yes, There's An Art To It & Here's How To Do It With Style

Layering: Yes, There's An Art To It & Here's How To Do It With Style

The art of layering done right. Beyond its ancient utility in keeping people warm and cozy, layering has become almost a bonafide art form for cool-weather styling. And just like with fine art, layering comes with a few rules.

Scroll down below for a gold mine of information for layering your favourite wardrobe pieces (along with an edit of a few key pieces to get you started).

The 3-Layer Principle Unwrapped

Professionals suggest a clothing system to maximise your layering mileage, all year round. Basically, it consists of three-layer garments of the right fabric and design, which you can add or remove depending on the weather conditions, your personal style vibe, and your current activity.

Layer 1: The base layer

This is an underwear layer like fitted tops or shirts to wick off sweat from your skin and keep you dry; ideally made from synthetics like polyester and nylon or natural fibres like silk.

Layer 2: The mid layer

These are garments with insulating properties to keep you warm, like a cashmere sweater vest, blazer, or faux leather jacket.

Layer 3: The outer layer

Is a protective layer, preferably with water-resistant or heavier garments like an overcoat.

Now that you know the basics, let's get down to business.

3 Tips for Layering Like A Pro This Fall & Winter Seasons

Three-shades-of-grey is the ultimate way to nail it.

A diplomatic colour bridging the distance between black and white, grey has been a staple colour loved by all. Any shade can instantly add sophistication to a look. Experiment with the three primary layers and focus on any shade of this colour or close; you'll thank us later.


Francesca Recycled Nylon Short Sleeve Bodysuit in charcoal as the base layer, pair with your go-to denim. Top it with the Savannah Faux Leather Aviator Jacket in black as your insulator, then finish the look with a grey oversized trench coat like our Rebekah Oversized Pu Trench Coat With Fur Trim.

A mix of pastels makes a no-fail closet staple.

Think of a white top and flare pants layered with a baby pink cashmere turtleneck sweater and an overcoat in a textured fabric or eye-catching hue. Muted colours have a fine way of radiating soft-girl energy and a foolproof fresh outfit that reminds us of springtime. Complete the look with a lilac scarf for a dreamy and romantic aesthetic you'll love.


Zanna Ribbed Tank Top in white with the Ainsley Mid Rise Jean in blush pink. Go for another pastel pink shade with the Arna Oversized Belted Blazer, then an oversized coat in a muted hue like tan.

Superfluous details can be a turn-off.

The general rule is to refrain from incorporating too many elements, like random prints that don't complement your overall look or prints that look accidental (although we say rules are meant to be broken).

However, it's worth remembering that when wearing layers, it already means you'll be incorporating several colours and designs into your look. As a general rule of thumb, stick to no more than three colours per outfit unless you include black and white as your tonal shades.

Of course, if you just want to rock a leopard print coat, we say go for it!


Isla Pu Trench in black for a versatile outer layer that goes well with most colours and prints, perfect for chilly weather conditions. Or, Azalea Satin Trench Coat in white for when you want to keep it breezy and lightweight, but layering is life.

But don't panic—if the layers don't match, you can always accessorise to soften your look and tie things together nicely.

Ready to perfect your layering game? Shop our edit of jackets and coats here to get started.