Smooth Moves: All The Satin Dresses and Gowns You're Loving This Season

Smooth Moves: All The Satin Dresses and Gowns You're Loving This Season

You already know how much we love satin here at MESHKI HQ. There’s just something about satin garments that makes you feel luxurious. Expensive. Sophisticated. 

Maybe it’s how soft and flawlessly smooth the texture is. Maybe it’s how light plays on the fabric’s surface. Or maybe it’s how lightweight and airy the overall fabrication is.

Either way, we love them as an easy-to-wear option for almost every event. And we know you are, too! 

Here are a few of the styles that you’re all shopping at the moment (and we can’t blame you).


  1. Cowl Necklines. 


Fashion is a loop – everyone knows that. No one would have been caught dead in high-waisted jeans during the early 2000s, but look at us now. 


That being said, a 1930s staple has made its way back to the spotlight, and it is very much deserved. Cowl necklines share the same loose, flowy vibes that satin has, which must be why they look so good together! 


Just look at the NADIA Maxi Satin Dress With Back Cowl. It’s practically the definition of casual elegance.


  1. Draped Dresses. 


Like cowl necklines, draped dresses are loose, delicate, and refined. That’s why pieces like CLAIRE Satin Drape Back Maxi Dress with Split are so in-demand—they make you feel like a modern goddess. 


And while they might not be the most versatile pieces around (compared to like, say, cotton or linen dresses), they’re the perfect choice for when you want to make a statement. Seriously; pair a draped satin dress with some slender heels and a tasteful up-do. It’s the picture-perfect definition of powerful femininity. 


  1. Asymmetrical Elegance. 


Asymmetrical cuts are practically a staple in modern fashion. Modish, minimalist, and contemporary styles have all utilized the oh-so-artistic asymmetrical line. Sometimes it’s in the cut of the dress, sometimes it’s in the detail placement, and sometimes it’s in the neckline! 


The ALEJANDRA One Shoulder Satin Maxi Dress is the perfect example of asymmetry done right. It adds a stylish edge to the otherwise tried and tasteful classic midi dress silhouette without compromising the dress’s dignified design. 


  1. Skirt Splits. 

A skirt split may not be anything new, but there’s a reason it’s remained a relevant design choice for dresses and skirts of all styles. It’s sensual and feminine, and it’s a subtle enough detail that keeps the vibes sleek and understated. 


Take the SYDNEY Straight Neck Slip Maxi Dress, for instance. One thigh-high skirt split is enough to elevate the otherwise modest silhouette of this classic sleeveless maxi. The satin fabrication makes for a smooth, seamless fit that’s fashionable and flattering. 


  1. Off-Shoulder Gowns. 


The off-the-shoulder look was popularised in the 1800s, and it was definitely considered a daring – almost criminally coquettish–look for the time. 


Thankfully, fashion has since seen much skimpier (borderline scandalous) and more sensual looks, compared to which off-shoulder necklines are seriously tame. Mix this flirty and feminine neckline with a smooth, draped fabric like satin, and you’ve got the perfect formula for an evening stunner. 


The MARIPOSA Off Shoulder Maxi Dress understood the assignment; it’s sleek, it’s shiny, and it still somehow manages to look wholly sophisticated. 


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