The ‘Everything’ Gift Guide — It’s Giving Perfection

The ‘Everything’ Gift Guide — It’s Giving Perfection

The holidays are almost upon us and the spirit of giving is in high gear. ‘Tis the season for festive tunes, the scent of evergreen and cinnamon… and the pressure to get the perfect gifts.

If you’re still putting together your shopping list, we’ve got a carefully crafted gift guide to help you find the perfect present for friends, family, loved ones, and anyone in between.

Gifts to Make Someone Smile

Nothing quite beats the feeling of seeing someone break into a wide, unfettered grin when they open your present. Plus, this kind of joy can be quite infectious, and witnessing it often feels like getting a gift in return.

If your goal is to brighten someone’s day, then you need to think ‘thoughtful’ rather than ‘expensive’ or ‘extravagant.’ Really tap into what you know about this person and let this knowledge shape your present. Your gift should tell them, “I want to make you smile today the way you make me smile every day.” It needs to be creative, witty, and obviously personal.

Getting them an oversized hoodie or soft jumper tells them that you want to keep them warm and cosy. Dependable shoes or a sturdy bag tell them you want them to go out feeling safe and supported. 

Gifts to Show Love 

Love is the driving force behind the holiday season, and expressing it through thoughtful gifts is a tradition as old as time. 

Now, remember that there are all sorts of love. The love shared between partners, the love shared between family members, and the love shared between friends. 

Before you select a gift to give to your loved one, consider the love you two share. 

Show a beloved friend or colleague you support their interests by getting them supplies for their hobbies. Are they artists? Art supplies are always welcome. Athletes? High-quality activewear speaks volumes of how attentive you are of them. Do they like to bake or cook? Oven mitts, baking pans, and clever kitchen appliances are timeless choices.

For children (nieces, nephews, biological children), get them something practical. Toys are always welcome (and probably expected), but those are seasonal. And can always be given some other time. Simple clothing items, like sweaters and joggers, will last them a good, long while. Plus, they’ll always remember you when they wear it.

For a beloved partner, you can never go wrong with jewellery. Carefully selected pieces of gold or silver speak volumes; a promise or a statement, depending on where the jewelry goes.


Gifts to Show Appreciation 

It’s not just the season for giving. It’s the season for receiving. And with receiving comes gratitude. 

Think of all the people who have made you grateful to know them. The people who are always there for you, giving or lending whatever you need without expecting recompense. Think of the overwhelming sense of relief they always make you feel when you see them.

Now hold on to that feeling and let it guide your choices.

Dresses, shoes, and jewellery — to show them that your feelings for them have no price tag. A subscription to their favorite media or service  — like a gift that keeps giving (for the next six or twelve months, anyway). Cozy loungewear or luxurious bedding  — to incite the same soft, fuzzy feeling they go out of their way for you.

Gifts To Show Them They Mean Something

How do you pick meaningful gifts for the people who mean something to you? How do you fully convey the feelings of warmth, joy, and love shared between confidantes, partners-in-crime, and soulmates?

It’s difficult, to be sure, but you just need to get a little creative. 

For a romantic partner, intimate sets like bodysuits and lingerie can be cheeky but romantic  — a perfect way to set the mood for the holidays. For a close friend, accessories  — belts, bags, shoes, jewellery   — from their favorite brand can be seen as small, subtle tokens of affection. 

For anyone you treasure, self-care products  — like bath sets, skincare sets, or pampering tools  can speak volumes. 

At the end of the day, let your feelings and intuition guide you. Only a few people are dazzled by price tags and luxury brands. Many of us focus more on the meaning and the intent of the gift. So just keep that in mind when shopping for your presents. As long as the thought and the love are there, rest assured your gift is perfect.

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