The Ultimate Guide to Bikini Bottoms: Finding The Suit That Suits You

The Ultimate Guide to Bikini Bottoms: Finding The Suit That Suits You

Not All Bikini Bottoms Are Created Equal, But What Are The Benefits Of Different Bikini Bottom Shapes?

Here's the thing: all bodies are different. You know this; we know this. It's one of the cardinal rules of fashion. It's why we pick tops, dresses, bottoms, and bodysuits that compliment our natural silhouette. We gravitate towards pieces that show off the features we love and/or cover up the features we may not want to show off (although, ultimately, it's all about feeling comfortable).

Why should bikini bottoms be any different? They're not an accessory to our swimsuit; they're part of the set! And the right bikini bottom can elevate your look from basic beach vibes to summer bombshell. 

Here's how: 

The Breakdown Of Each Bikini Bottom Style

  • High Waist. High-waisted bikini bottoms are a classic. The waistband sits at the natural waist and typically covers most of the hip. They provide ample coverage (depending on the bikini line cut) and are great for cinching in your middle for a curvy silhouette.
  • High Leg. If there's a high waist, then there's a high leg. And high-leg bikini bottoms are an incredibly popular choice right now! The way the leg holes are cut to rise way above the hip bones can highlight the hips and lengthen the legs–hence the name. 

Style Inspo: TATUM Diamante Waist Recycled Bikini Bottom

  • Tie-Side. Tie-side bikinis are exactly what they say they are; bikini bottoms–in low- to medium-rise cuts–that tie at the side. This allows a certain degree of customisation and modification, which many women find convenient. And sexy. 

Style Inspo: PEYTON Tie Up Bikini Bottom

The most popular cuts for tie-side bikinis are the triangle cuts (full coverage at the front and back but none for the sides) and the risque low-rise. 

  • Thong. When you think 'thong,' you think 'sexy,' 'seductive,' and 'powerfully confident.' You're not wrong! A thong is all about extremes; minimum coverage, and maximum exposure. 

Style Inspo: ANDIE Recycled Nylon Ruched Bikini

You've no doubt seen one by now, but, just for reference, a thong bikini bottom typically covers the front and then tapers off into a thin string or strip in the back so that both cheeks are fully exposed. The T-back thong is a classic, but you also have banded and high-waist variations.

  • Shorts/Full Coverage. The absolute opposite of a thong, bikini bottom shorts (or "boy shorts") are all about coverage! They're short shorts that fully cover your front, rear, and bikini line. They can be high-waisted or low-rise, and you typically won't find any side ties or strings here. Think elastic safety shorts or cycling shorts you can take for a swim. 
  • Cheeky. Why cheeky? Because these bottoms are designed to highlight and flatter your booty–your booty cheeks, specifically. They provide a little more coverage than thongs in the front and back regions, but the back is still strategically cut to make your peach look rounder and fuller. 

Style Inspo: BAMBI Metallic Cheeky Cut Bikini Bottoms

  • Low-Rise. The opposite of high waist and high-leg bikinis, low-rise bottoms typically sit below the hip bone, around the swell of the hips. They provide moderate to full coverage for the front and back. As mentioned earlier, tie-side bikinis are often low-rise, but there are other combos as well. 
  • Classic Briefs. Classic briefs are a little bit cheeky and a little bit of boy shorts; they're full coverage, can be low- to high-rise, and are undoubtedly one of the most secure options. However, they're cut a little more risque than shorts. As mentioned, the way the back part is cut to flatter the bum is very cheeky-coded.
  • Hipster. The hipster bikini bottom is another popular choice that offers a good balance of coverage versus exposure. As the name suggests, these bikinis are cut to hug the widest part of the waist. The waistband sits at either mid- or high-waist height, and the legs are modestly cut slightly above the thigh. 

Which Bikini Bottoms Are The Best Fit For You?

Remember, every body is different. So when picking out bikini bottoms, you'll want something that highlights your assets and boosts your confidence.

It's also important that you don't sacrifice your comfort and security for the sake of looking 'hot'. If, at the end of the day, you prioritise coverage above all else, then pick whatever bikini bottom makes you feel comfortable and secure. 

But if you're interested in experimenting with different cuts, then check out these options.

Body Shape & Height. Play around with contrasting colours, prints, lines, and silhouettes to flatter your figure. The best way to create a bomb beach look is to highlight certain features and tone down others for delicious visual balance.


Leg Length. If you want your legs to look a little longer, you definitely want to go for something that cinches your waist and/or lengthens your legs.


Mood. There are no rules here–just no-holds-barred fun in the sun and a killer tan! Let your bikini reflect your summer vibes with interesting cuts and playful details.


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